About Us


IVA-TEKS is a recently formed company whose origins are steeped in tradition and family, yet which takes a modern approach in terms of its business attitude and performance.

With the goal of offering quality linens at the least expensive pricing,Iva teks was established in early 2001. Since then our company has been committed to creating comfort, design and well-being by producing textile articles for the home.

Decorative bedspreads, bedding sets, sheets, towels, pillows, linens, quilts and mattress are the main products manufactured at its industrial unit whose quality is today recognized by clients all over the country. Our products are used by hotels, hospitals, nurseries, rural tourism homesteads and other housing providers.

Aware of the growing competitiveness of the market today, our company is ready to face any challenge laid before it and always with a concern to continuously improve its performance and meet the needs and expectations of its clients.

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